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ENERSOL BIOPOWER PVT LTD: is a leading designer, manufacturer & supplier of biomass gasifiers and gasification based power plants for thermal and electrical applications. We are the first to introduce ibuyessayonline.com portable biomass gasifier in India. The main applications of ESB biomass gasifier are village electrification, replace diesel generator at tower industries, alternate source of power at agro-based industries etc. We are also manufacturer and supplier of biogas services like anaerobic digester system and CSTR biogas plants for both thermal and electrical applications, biomass cook stoves, pellet cook stoves, and biomass heat burner.

  • Biomass Gasifiction System
  • Biogas Plants
  • Biomass Cook Stoves
  • Pellets Cook Stoves
  • Biomass Heat Burner

Why Esb Biomass Gasifier Syetem

  1. Smallest in size , reliable, rugged and compact system.
  2. Portable system; can be used anywhere where we need power, for example, best suitable for farmers as they can irrigate their farm at day time and use the same system for lighting up their home at night.
  3. Dry filtration; no need of continues flow of water.
  4. Soundproof system and mounted on trolley.
  5. Accepts all types of wood waste, Stalks of cotton, pluses , coconut shells, coconut palm stalks, Maize cobs, Rice husk, Branches & twinges, briquettes of various agricultural residues, Certain Industrial wastes of paper mills, plywood industry etc can be used as a fuel.
  6. Reachable for both urban and rural people.
  7. Low maintenance, easy to operate, no extra training or skill is required.
  8. Replace fossil fuel.
  9. Environment friendly.

Work Smarter With Our Company!

Work smarter with our company!

"GO Green" is the most commonly used phrase in the world. The main concentration of the world is to maximize the use of clean energy to avoid environmental crises in future. There are various sources of green energy like wind, solar, biomass and hydropower etc. Biomass Gasification is one of the reliable sources of green energy and people are focusing on it.


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