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Acceptable Feedstock For Biomass Gasifier

Biomass is the oldest source of renewable energy known to humans. Wood is still the largest biomass energy resource today, but other sources of biomass can also be used. These include food crops, grassy and woody plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, and the organic component of municipal and industrial wastes.

Our system is compatible with all most all kind of dry biomass fuels, most of them are listed as below:

  • Energy Crops: Crops grown for energy could be produced in large quantities, just as food crops are. Corn, Native trees, grasses like elephant grass, switch grass etc eucalyptus clones, arundo donax, poplar (populous spp.), willow ( salix spp.), jatropha are some of the energy crops which can be used as feedstock in biomass gasifier.
  • Biomass Residues: Agricultural activities generate large amounts of biomass residues. Crop residue, traditionally considered as “ trash’or agricultural waste, is increasingly being viewd as a valuable resources. Corn stalks, corn cobs, wheat staw, and other leftovers from grain production can be used as feedstock in our biomass gasifier system.
  • Rice husk, mustard husk, coconut shells are also used in our system
  • Sugarcane bagasse
  • Forestry waste
  • Pellets and briquettes


Feedstock Images