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Biomass Gasification

ENERSOL BIOPOWER PVT LTD: is one of the leading manufacturers of biomass gasifier for both thermal and electrical purposes. With the help of a strong technical support, we are known for our high standards in service and we are the pioneers in the field of small size biomass gasification. It is invented by Mr.Raisingh Dahiya in 2000.This gasifier is conical in shape, Compact in design & surrounded by a water jacket with the capacity to handle multiple fuel sources. It can be used to provide electricity, operate pump sets in remote fields, pump up water in homes, and operate basic machines such as saw mills, flour mills etc and thermal purposes too.




ESB biomass gasifier has some unique features which makes it advantageous than other available gasifiers in the market.

They are stated as below:

  • Minimum manual work
  • Smallest in size, portable unit
  • Sound proof system
  • Dry Filteration
  • No need to have continued flow of water
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reachable to both urban and rural people
  • Reliable, rugged and compact system
  • Replace the fossil fuel
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Accepts all most all kind of agro fuels
  • Capability to handle multiple biomass wastage as fuel


Biomass Gasifier for Electricity Purpose:

  • ESB-R05
  • ESB-R10
  • ESB-R20
  • ESB-R50
  • ESB-R100
  • ESB-R250

Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Purpose:

  • ESB-RT05
  • ESB-T10
  • ESB-RT20
  • ESB-T50
  • ESB-RT100
  • ESB-T250


In addition to almost all types of wood waste and fuel wood /fire etc.(with less than 15% moisture) ESB biomass gasifier can operate on the following feedstock:

  • Stalks of cotton, pluses etc
  • Coconut shells, coconut palm stalks
  • Maize cobs
  • Branches & twinges
  • Appropriate briquettes & pellets of various agricultural residues
  • Rice husk / mustard husk


Biomass gasification is a source of renewable energy like solar and wind. The whole world is now concentrating more on biomass gasification as it is one of the best renewable sources of energy which can replace the fossil fuel in rural as well as urban area. Village electrification is the first targeted segment. More than 31,000 un-electrified villages & thousands of others are electrified for namesake only. Rice husk, mustard husk, coconut shells, cotton stalks, peanut husk are available plenty in these villages. Apart from village electrification, the following are the main applications of biomass gasifier system

  • Agro-based small and medium scale industries
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Cocoa and Copra Mills
  • Sawmill sites
  • Mobile tower Industries



  1. Fill hopper with available biomass which contains less than 15% moisture, close the lid tightly to avoid any kind of leakage
  2. Fill the water tank
  3. Check all filters


First of all, deposit some amount of charcoal or other biomass into ignition pot, close the lid and then switch on the ignition button from control panel, keep it for 30 seconds and then turn it off, switch on the blower button, same time open the smoke valve for 5 minutes and then switch off the blower button and smoke valve and check the gas from gas outlet with a match stick, if it is burning means the gas is ready to use, now one can switch on the engine.

ESB-R series of gasifiers are found to be safe, efficient, and most economical system among the various gasifiers available in India.